Captioning, note-taking and translation. Done right.
All on your own private and secure website.

Introducing Streamer

Streamer is a new approach to captioning, note-taking and translation. It is a private and secure website, that we will create for you, your firm, school, agency or place of worship, that you can use as often as you like to caption and translate conversations with as many people as you want. Simple to use, private and secure, with features to support all your communication needs in every situation.

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For those of us that are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, holding conversations can sometimes be challenging. We end up saying yep or sure to often, and the hearing-abled folks end up responding with a never mind . So, we fixed that. With Streamer it’s easy to caption all your conversations. Plus, unlike every other system, Streamer is private and secure. Your data is yours alone.

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Note Taking

With Streamer you can quickly add color coded notes directly into the transcript, tagging important sections as the captioning is generated. Just a click with your mouse or a tap on your screen is all it takes. These are your custom private notes, they are not part of the transcript that everyone sees. And, because they’re color coded, you can quickly find them in your saved transcripts.

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From the workplace, to schools, to retailers, to our neighborhoods; in today’s world you need to be able to speak and understand multiple languages. Streamer goes way beyond simple bi-directional apps to provide complete United Nations type translations, where anything spoken or typed in any language is simultaneously translated and spoken aloud for each person in their preferred language.

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Speech Generation

For those of us that are non-verbal, Streamer’s PhraseBuilder™ tools make Speech Generation quick and easy. Just click, make a quick modification if desired, and your sentences are spoken aloud in your personalized voice. Create your own core sentences, or use the ones provided. Either way, Streamer is your answer for quick, accurate speech generation anywhere, anytime, even in any language

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All Situations

One system, for all situations. It’s easy to get started on using Streamer, plus it’s great to know that it expands to meet your needs. Private conversations, meetings, Skype calls, religious services, webinars, seminars, conferences, stadium events and even supporting communications for a global business – no matter what your situation, Streamer has you covered.

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Private and Secure

Today, more than ever, privacy and security are a must. Unlike other systems, Streamer™ is completely private and secure. Streamer was initially developed in partnership with the U.S. Marine Corps for use in military theater operations. Features like 64-bit encryption, autoclear transcription, cypher room locks, and Admin Privacy Controls are not an afterthought. These are design elements baked into the software from the beginning.

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Plus Much More

Streamer is a complete communication system with all the features needed to ensure that everyone can communicate with anyone, anytime, anywhere and in most any language. Whether you are looking for a personal communication tool, or a system to support an entire corporation, Streamer has you covered.

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